Shimmy Shake Festival 2017

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The fourth edition of Shimmy Shake Festival with an amazing international line up of top dancers will take place on 11 & 12 November in the Maaspodium Rotterdam. We will present many wonderful shows and workshops full of surprises. You will experience a variety of fusion dance styles and enjoy lots of new discoveries including the most important developments of Tribal and Fusion bellydance.

Come and see headliners like Ashley Lopez from San Francisco, Samantha Emmanuel/Vagabond Princess from France, Nakari Tribe from Austria, and of course our very own Tjarda van Straten.


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Shimmy Shake Talent Carnival

Coming up: Talent Carnival 28 May

Fusion belly dance shows, dance demos and a bazaar

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A day full of fun, meeting old and new friends, a bazaar with all kinds of stands, dance demos and of course the showcase of the Factor CO coached dance acts and guest appearances: this is the Talent Carnival! On the 28th of May the Talent Carnival takes place in Theater ‘t Kapelletje in Rotterdam. The theatre has a beautiful cozy garden. Perfect for dancing and having a bite or do some shopping at the Bazaar. Imagine a warm and friendly atmosphere in a colorful garden on a bright sunny day.

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Golden Girls

You are never too old to dance!!

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Our newest project starts on Tuesday 25 April – the Golden Girls in co-operation with Humanitas Rotterdam! Ladies who are above 55 years of age are invited to come and learn Fusion Bellydance, a very feminine dance style that anyone of any age can easily pick up and you will learn in a beautiful Art Nouveau hallwith tea and coffee provided. You can drop in at any point in the season, come when you are ready. Learn different movements at your own pace to fabulously atmospheric music, lots of fun, good for your body and a chance to make new friends. Or bring your girlfriends along and dance together!

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Sign up now for Factor CO 2017

Join the inspiring and friendly dance event Factor CO

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At Sheila Meijers Oriental Event – Zutphen, at Laetanas studio - Eindhoven and at the SKVR in Rotterdam we will have an inspiring day full of dancing. Dancers of all levels are invited to take part in  these friendly dance gatherings for a small public of family and friends. Factor CO selection days are your chance to be chosen for a coaching sessions with top dancers, concluding with taking part in the Talent Show Sunday 28 May. During the Talent Show we will choose 4 dance acts for the Next Level concluding with a performance in the Gala Show during the Shimmy Shake Festival. Everyone is welcome to dance including beginners or just dancing for the fun, just register and join us!

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Upcoming events

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Fusion Belly Dance and us

1. Fusion Bellydance

Fusion Bellydance is a modern-day interpretation and adaptation of centuries old traditional oriental dance (bellydance) techniques mixing them with other styles to creating a new and exciting dance genre.

American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion Dance, Dark Fusion, Gothic Bellydance, Improvisational Tribal Style, Bellybreak, Bellybolly, Burlesque Fusion are some of the variations within this new innovative genre that inspires an outburst of creativity and is performed by dancers with a great range of skills and varying backgrounds.

2. Shimmy Shake

Shimmy Shake activities are conducted under the governance of the New European Cultural Collaborations Foundation, also known as LiteSide. Started in 1991 the general aim of this foundation is:

The support and stimulation of projects of a high artistic quality that break through the boundaries of traditional ideas about art in all its forms; and any activities that can directly or indirectly aid and assist this process.

Since 2006 LiteSide has produced many projects about the new art forms that are being created thanks to the influence of the current Diaspora from (Middle) Eastern lands to the West, the most well known being the LiteSide Festival with 7 editions from 2006 onwards.

3. Talent Development

Shimmy Shake provides talent development programme' that are aimed at Fusion dancers in the different stages of their career. Motivation is a essential for admission to any of these programmes.

4. Funding

Shimmy Shake puts a lot of effort in raising funding for the development of talent. Funding is coming from multiple sources. Dancers will also be asked to contribute to some of the costs associated with the development of their talent.