Have a dancer stay at your place!

Are you hospitable? Wanna help out?

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Fusion Dancers from all corners of Holland and Europe will be visiting the coming Shimmy Shake Festival. Because we want to stimulate the exchange between fusion dancers from different parts of the world, we would like to give visitors from outside of Rotterdam the chance to get to know dancers, or dance enthusiasts from Rotterdam a bit better by staying with them during the festival.

Therefore we would like to put together a list of available houses of people living in Rotterdam and surroundings, where others can stay the night or nights. Are you hospitable? Wanna help out?

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New names announced!

Including Tjarda Van Straten (NL), Hilde Cannoodt (UK) and Vesna Zorman (SLO)

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Recently we already announced Kami Liddle will be coming to the Shimmy Shake Festival 2016. But now we can tell you she wil be joined by no other than top fusion dancers Tjarda Van Straten (NL), Hilde Cannoodt (UK) of Tribal Remix Fame and Vesna Zorman (SLO), who will be performing in Holland for the first time.

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Shimmy Shake Festival 2016

Kami Liddle is coming!

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We are proud to announce that top fusion dancer Kami Liddle is coming all the way from San Franscico to be in the Shimmy Shake Festival 2016. As an original member of Fat Chance Belly Dance and accredited teacher of their method, she has also been director of the Tribal Superstars of the world reknown Bellydance Superstars. In 2010, Kami decided to leave BDSS in order to pursue her art as a solo artist and work collaboratively with dancer and musician Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique, a musical group that incorporates live dance and performance in their multimedia shows and music videos. As a solo artist she has been hosted in over twenty countries as a performer and teacher.

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Shimmy Shake Talent Carnival

First Talent Carnival was a big success!

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Sunday 15th of May we coloured Maaspodium Rotterdam with a vibrant mix of dance styles varying from Belly dance, Pole dancing, Tribal Fusion, ATS, Zills and Latin Dance. Thanks to the different participating dance schools, fusion dancers, vendors and the lovely audience it was a inclusive, warm, cozy and joyful event all about dancing! 

Check out our after movie and re-enjoy the wonderful day. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

For those who missed out - we will be back in November with the Shimmy Shake Festival, the only three-days international fusion dance event in the Netherlands. 

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Upcoming events

Currently there are no events.

Fusion Belly Dance and us

1. Fusion Bellydance

Fusion Bellydance is a modern-day interpretation and adaptation of centuries old traditional oriental dance (bellydance) techniques mixing them with other styles to creating a new and exciting dance genre.

American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion Dance, Dark Fusion, Gothic Bellydance, Improvisational Tribal Style, Bellybreak, Bellybolly, Burlesque Fusion are some of the variations within this new innovative genre that inspires an outburst of creativity and is performed by dancers with a great range of skills and varying backgrounds.

2. Shimmy Shake

Shimmy Shake activities are conducted under the governance of the New European Cultural Collaborations Foundation, also known as LiteSide. Started in 1991 the general aim of this foundation is:

The support and stimulation of projects of a high artistic quality that break through the boundaries of traditional ideas about art in all its forms; and any activities that can directly or indirectly aid and assist this process.

Since 2006 LiteSide has produced many projects about the new art forms that are being created thanks to the influence of the current Diaspora from (Middle) Eastern lands to the West, the most well known being the LiteSide Festival with 7 editions from 2006 onwards.

3. Talent Development

Shimmy Shake provides talent development programme' that are aimed at Fusion dancers in the different stages of their career. Motivation is a essential for admission to any of these programmes.

4. Funding

Shimmy Shake puts a lot of effort in raising funding for the development of talent. Funding is coming from multiple sources. Dancers will also be asked to contribute to some of the costs associated with the development of their talent.