Shimmy Shake Factor CO

Each year in spring we organize a Talent Search – Shimmy Shake Factor CO.

Several selection days are held in different cities throughout the Netherlands in cooperation with selected dance studios. Dancers of all levels are invited to dance at these friendly dance gatherings for a small public of family and friends. Everyone is welcome to dance – even if you are a beginner dancing for the first time - just join in! For those who want feedback there is an expert panel to give encouraging advice about your dance act. Factor CO selection days are your chance to be chosen for a series of coaching sessions with top dancers, concluded with taking part in the Talent Show Sunday 28 May.

During the Talent Show we will choose 4 dance acts to continue with coaching at a more intense and higher level in the Next Level trajectory. The conclusion of this coaching series is a performance as part of the Gala Show during the Shimmy Shake Festival Saturday 11 November.

BELGIAN DANCERS ARE WELCOME. We will coach 2 dance acts from Belgium this year, sign up!!!!

What to expect

If you are chosen for coaching we will assign to you one or more coaches that we think will help your act and you as a dancer. They will work with your choreography to bring your idea more to the surface, to clean your movements or help you to master a particular style that you are using. Your work will be improved and you will be more professional in your approach. This coaching series concludes with the performance of your dance during the Talent Carnival with the chance that you might be programmed in the Shimmy Shake Festival in a show.

Our teachers

Our team is made up of carefully selected professional dancers and coaches, covering many techniques and skills, such as Tjarda van Straten, Maya Acid, Nadiya Natali, Nargis Coors, Aisa Lafour and Esther Nederpelt. Check our Teachers & Dancers section for more information.

Shimmy Shake Finale
Factor CO Selection Day Rotterdam 2015

Entry Requirements

  1. You must be at least 16 years of age. (otherwise check our kids activities, coming soon).
  2. Your act, solo or in a group, must be original thought up by yourself (no playback).
  3. Your act should be between 3 to 5 minutes long.
  4. There must be a minimum of 30% of belly dance in your choreography mixed with another style.

Registration Factor CO

To be eligable to join in you must fill in an online registration form, and pay a small registration fee. You state in which city you want to perform and if you want to be considered for coaching. You can also just dance for fun or come and look. Entering the Factor CO program is very easy, there are only a few conditions that apply. Click on the link below for more information and the online registration form.

More information about Shimmy Shake Factor CO 2017 and the online registration form 


Availability of the full coaching program is looked at on a per-year basis and is completely depending on the status of funding applied for by us at funding bodies. Please contact us for further details.

Shimmy Shake Factor CO Talent Show 2015
Shimmy Shake Factor CO Talent Show 2015

Factor CO Results

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