Discovering new fusion belly dance talents

Factor CO is our program to support promising talents at the start of their career by matching them with professional coaches who will guide them in the development of their performing and dancing skills and their dance act. 

In the first half of 2013 we provided coaching for 12 dancers. Different coaches guided dancers during 3 months on a regular basis with the development of a 5 minute act. The acts were shown to the audience at the 22nd of June in theater the Meervaart in Amsterdam.


In 2013 the pre-selection for Factor CO took place in Hengelo, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


The first selection day of Factor CO 2013 took place om the 19th of May 2013 in Hengelo. A very succesfull afternoon with great performances.


The second selection day of Factor CO 2013 took place om the 25th of May 2013 in Rotterdam. A great afternoon in its own style on a special location.


The third selection day of Factor CO 2013 took place om the 26th of May 2013 in Amsterdam. A very interesting afternoon at a great location.

Dancers & Coaches
Dancer Coach
Asrais Dance Company Aisa Lafour
Janneke Stat Arya Jansen
Stephanie van der Zwaal Jihane El Fahidi
Mijntje Vreeswijk Jihane El Fahidi
Josefin Zuiderveen Sheila Zeebregts
Jacqueline van Kuilenburg Kaouther Sghaier
Norina Tosi Maya Acid
Vleer van der Plas John Wooter
Jacqueline van Prooijen and Laila Sulayca Soijo
Noor Bonenkamp Esther Nedepelt
Iris Engeln Nargis Coors

dancers & coaches

Factor CO 2013 would not have been possible without the active support of the coaches mentioned in the table on the left.