The Binary Code

The Binary Code is a dance/performance duo formed by Stéphanie and Jacqueline. 
Fresh, clean, elegance with a twist.
Fusion Bellydance with a hint ov hiphop and contemporary dance.


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The Binary Code is a dance/performance duo formed by Stéphanie and Jacqueline. Their work is a mix of bellydance, their personalities and anything that comes naturally to them. This results in a fresh, original and distinctive style.

Wandering on YouTube Stéphanie stumbled upon a video of  a drum solo by Sadie (Marquardt). Captivated by her skills, she wants more. In her research she comes across the term Fusion belly dance, and everything falls into place.  She is determined to become a fusion belly dancer and joins Maya Acid in 2010, where she meets Jacqueline. They turn out to have a rare chemistry and in 2012 they decide to team up and audition for the Shimmy Shake Factor CO talent search. It’s the start of The Binary Code. Stephanie is inspired by the ever evolving and loving fusion scene worldwide and made Cera Byers “Don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t” her mantra.

As a four year old she started taking ballet classes and falls in love with the outfit, the piano, the tutu. She dreams of becoming a prima ballerina and to have the courage to perform in front of an audience. Looking for a little bit more, she switches to Jazz-dance at “Balletdansschool Caroline” at the age of eleven, where she quickly joins their performance group and participates in several contests. The variety in the dance and pop-music keep her interested, but somehow she’s still not satisfied. After a few years her mother tells her she has found just the perfect thing; Fusion bellydance and ATS by Renate Bakker (Maya Acid). It turns out to be a hit and now she can’t imagine a life without!

(Photography by Het Geplukte Moment en Marscha van Druuten)

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