Sharon Kihara

A seasoned performer, inspirational teacher and exotic personality, Sharon Kihara is known for her avant-garde sensibilities, as well as for her graceful and powerful technique.


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Sharon Kihara (USA) has a background in western dance, beginning with Ballet and continued to perform with University Modern and Jazz dance companies throughout the nineties before deciding to pursue Tribal Fusion Bellydance. She served as Tribal Director of Bellydance Superstars for 6 years and currently tours the world as a lead soloist and choreographer of Bellydance Evolution. She has taught and performed in over 40 countries, danced for hundreds of celebrities and royals, has appeared in countless TV spots and music videos, and remains one of the most popular and unique dancers in the genre.


(Photos by Marscha van Druuten, Odiza Fotografie)

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