I am Hungarian yet born and raised in Serbia, thus my stage name, Sharena, which is Serbian for Colourful. It is not only a way of showing respect to the country I come from but also aims to reflect the vivid cultural diversity I was lucky growing up in. 


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I have been dancing Hungarian folk dances from the day I could walk and was mesmerized by the rhythms and dances of Eastern-Europe (Romanian, Klezmer, Serbian, and so much more).

My mentor is the kind-hearted, beautiful dancer, Joós Judit (ATS) but I am also deeply inspired by Nargis Coors (Indian Fusion), Tjarda van Starten (Contemporary Fusion) and Téglás Krisztina Haalima (Tribal Fusion) and thankful for the insightful guidance they gave. I am honored to be chosen as winner of the audience award of Shimmy Shake Factor CO 2014 which encouraged me to share my dance on stage for the very first time.  

As I keep going back to the source -learning Romanian gypsy dance firsthand and even visiting Rajasthan to see its origin-, I also keep going back to my teachers and revisiting the fundamentals too. My vision is to preserve fractures from quickly disappearing art forms, bridging folk elements with modern phrases, and eventually share them with others. 


(Photo by Kovacs Attila)

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