Caterina Grimani

Caterina Grimani is  one of the greatest exponents of tribal fusion in Italy. She’s  dancer, teacher and choreographer at Asd Zambramora (Ancona) and in the international arena. 


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Caterina Grimani performs all over the Italy and abroad and she’s well known and appreciated because of her creative and innovative style. Since 2013 she is a member of “The Uzumé Dance Company” (NL), founded and directed by Tjarda Van Straten, with who she performs throughout Europe.

Her passion for Orient has led her to classical Bellydance with Roberta Gay and, almost simultaneously, to American Tribal Style (ATS) and Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) of Amy Sigil, of which she is level 1 and level2 Certified Teacher. She attains the Technical Fusion Training  I and II level Suhaila Salimpour method, with Olivia Mancino, in Milan and during the period she spent in Madrid, improves her studies in Gothic style with Morgana.

Today, she learns to grow, going through many others art forms, like Theatre and Dance: Hip Hop, with Afshin Varjavandi and Luca Calderini, Popping, with Lizhard Sennin, Contemporary with Roberto Lori and Flamenco.

She also attends in professional paths of Tribal Fusion, ITS, ATS intensives and workshops with many national and international renowned artists: Sera Solstice, Rachel Brice, Fat Chance Bellydance, Ariellah Haflalo, Mardi Love, Kami Liddle, Mira Betz and  many others valuable teachers.

In 2013, comes to life the collaboration with her teacher, Lizhard Sennin, for a project aimed at cohesion between Tribal and Animation, and addressed in search of artistic developments that would result from this trial.

She teach in weekly classes of Tribal Fusion and ATS and she gives private lessons and workshops in Ancona and throughout Italy (Rome, Milan, Cagliari, Perugia, Florence) and also, in 2013, she, for the first time, brings to Italy the monthly Training Course of ITS – Hot Pot Style. Besides, through her Association,  she hosts international renowned artists from all over the world, by organizing workshops and performances.

She actually has and she has had the pleasure to perform on live music together with Filastine and Nova Ruth, the group of Musician Errabundi, the percussionist, Francesco Savoretti ,Dj W3LD and also, to share the stage with the great April Rose.

“She’s fascinated by the world around her, because in it she founds inspiration and instruments to develop imagination, which is the base of her work and her life value.”


(Photos by Claudio Bugotti and Marscha van Druuten)

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