Annè Nammu

Annè Nammu is an oriental dance troupe consisting of five dancers: Ronic, Maaike, Angela, Nathalie and Raimunda. With their roots mainly in Nijmegen's school for bellydance "Aziza Bellydance", they share their passion with a wide audience.


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Dance from the underbelly

The name of the troupe is twofold. Annè stems from the Turkish word for mother. Nammu is the name of the Sumerian goddess of creation from Mesopotamian mythology; Mother of the Universe.

It is the love for feminine power and aesthetics that brings them together on stage. All choreography and costumes are the product of the creativity, creation and performance of these multi-talented ladies themselves. The repertoire includes ATS, Tribal Fusion, Ghawazee, gypsy and classic oriental dance. Doused with a whiff of Victorian mystique they create their very own style of dance.

Annè Nammu will be a regular at parks and greens in Nijmegen this summer, hosting their "Hightea Oriental". They will be exposing their art - in true gypsy style.



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