Aisa Lafour

Aisa Lafour is an award winning professional belly dancer, instructor and event organiser. Since 2006 Aisa is a diplomated teacher of dance in general, and specialized in Oriental belly dance and Latin/Brazilian dances. She is a sought after belly dance artist, known for her sensual elegance, emotion transmission through movement, strong technique and her relation to the music and the public.


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In 2008 Aisa won 'Belly dancer of the world 2008' organized by Leyla Jouvana. Nowadays she is a judge in Belly dancer of the world contest and many other international contests.

Aisa is part of the star cast of Jillina’s successful Belly Dance Evolution show in 2009 and 2010, with whom she toured in Europe and Morocco and is founder of the Oriental dance troupe: Deyy el Amar Ensemble seen in the TV dance show: Everybody Dance Now on RTL 4.

Countries where she has performed and taught are: Spain, Belgium, Brazil, England, Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Morocco, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico, Czech Republic, Austria, Singapore and the United States.

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