Workshop - Find your balance & Show me the Music - intensive

Olga Meos | KAZ

Footsteps, change levels and turns, you will find your balance!

Develop your musicality!

Address & Pricing

  • Location: Maaspodium
  • Room: Rode Zaal
  • Tickets: presale € 45,- / door € 47,50


Part 1: Find your balance
Our ability to maintain balance and keep the vertical position in any situation based on an extremely complex and intricate combination of factors, including visual, auditory and musculoskeletal systems. Since keeping balance while standing or in the motion, at least in part, a skill acquired, and is largely determined by the general physical preparation, you can improve it.

We'll start our class with exercises for balance and search it in your body. After we will devote all our attention to footsteps, change levels and turns, from the simplest to the most challenging. Fasten all in uncomplicated drill dance combinations that you can use on your classes!

Part 2: Show me the Music

In this class we will learn to see the music, and hear the dance. Interesting exercises for the development of musicality, a little bit of music theory as well as practical drills: working with different musical sounds, the concept of speed feeling (acceleration and deceleration) in a solo performance or in the group choreography.

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