Workshops - Anatomy of the upper body - All levels

Olga Meos | KAZ

Find out exactly how your upper body works, and make your bodywaves even higher, brighter and more precise

Address & Pricing

  • Location: Maaspodium
  • Room: Rode Zaal
  • Tickets: presale € 37,50 / door € 40,00
  • All day public event


All professional dancers know that the fact that having a good knowledge of dance anatomy is a great help to dancers, and to prevent injuries and improve technical skills. With some physical exercises we'll try to find out exactly how our upper body works, and make our bodywaves even higher, brighter, more precise!

We will study a set of exercises specially selected for the muscles of the abdomen, back, arms, pectoral muscles. We will walk through with movements of the slow part as bodywave and deep bodywave, ribcage rotation, torso twist, bellyrolls and all movements of Arabic family.

Buy ticket (online available until Thursday 8 November - after that ticket sales continue in the venue)

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