Factor CO Talent Search 2017

On 26 March, 2 April and 9 April 2017 we organized a Talent Search – Shimmy Shake Factor CO.

Three selection days were held in Zutphen, Eindhoven and Rotterdam in cooperation with selected dance studios. Dancers of all levels were invited to dance at these friendly dance gatherings for a small public of family and friends. Everyone was welcome to dance! An expert panel gave encouraging advice about the dance acts. Factor CO selection days are your chance to be chosen for a series of coaching sessions with top dancers, concluded with taking part in the Talent Show Sunday 28 May 2017.

During the Talent Shows 11 dance acts were chosen to continue with coaching at a more intense and higher level in the Next Level trajectory. The conclusion of this coaching series is a performance as part of the Gala Show during the Shimmy Shake Festival Saturday 11 November 2017.

Coaches and coaching 2017

Acts Zutphen Coach
Viola Esther Nederpelt
Kathleen Sulayca Soijo
Shimmy Sista's Deena Ray
Dayenne & Janneke Tjarda van Straten
Acts Eindhoven Coach
Anupama Nargis Coors
Mezza Luna Marco Obelixx
Senta Sheila Zeebregts
Acts Rotterdam Coach
Asrais Piet Rogie
Farah Renate Bakker
d' Arte Nadiya Natali
Sarah Safi Harb Aisa Lafour